Richard Stroud - photo

Richard Stroud

Member Nominated Director

Richard has worked continuously in the pensions industry for more than 40 years. he is a business graduate, a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute and a Fellow of The Pensions Advisory Service.

He started his career with an insurance company and then with a pensions consultant. This was followed as the manager of a pension fund with more than 20,000 members and then as CEO of a very large pension fund (125,000 members and £3.5bn of assets) with executive responsibility for investment strategy implementation.

Richard has completed The Pensions Regulator's trustee training program and passed The Pensions Management Institute's Award in Pension Trusteeship. Since retiring from full time pensions' management in 2007,

Richard has carried out a number of Pensions Consultancy assignments and was employed by Bestrustees plc as an independent trustee. Whilst working for Bestrustees  Richard was a member of the Association of Professional Pension Trustees and was recognised by The Pensions Regulator as an independent trustee.

Richard is currently an independent trustee of a commercial pension fund. He has also been a non executive director of a housing association as well as a charity dealing with ethical investments. Richard's practical business experience includes business planning, marketing, pensions and actuarial management, financial controls, risk management, IT systems, a detailed knowledge of pension scheme members' needs as well as a good knowledge of the voluntary sector.

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