Considering climate change risk

Of the environmental risks, climate change is the one we believe has the most potential to affect the value of our portfolio.

Therefore, we have developed a policy that aims to ensure that climate change risk is considered more explicitly throughout our investment process.

Why do we need a Climate Change Policy?

In December 2015 at the UN talks in Paris nearly 200 countries successfully agreed an historic deal to reduce carbon emissions.

The implications of the deal are potentially far reaching for many sectors of the economy and companies in which pension funds invest. Institutional investors are therefore likely to come under increasing pressure to disclose and manage the carbon risk embedded within their portfolios.

The deal is also expected to accelerate investment in zero and low carbon assets. Institutional investors should also ensure that their investment processes can identify attractive investments driven by the transition to a lower carbon economy.

Our Carbon Footprint

As part of our policy of analysing and recognising climate change risk in our investments, TPT has committed to undertaking carbon footprint analysis every two years. This enables us to monitor and review the carbon intensity of our funds. This supports us in understanding the steps we need to take to continue to invest responsibly.

Read this report to find out more about the findings from our 2017 carbon footprint assessment, which included analysis of both equity and corporate bonds.

Climate change report

For more information about the risks we see from climate change on our portfolio please see our Climate Disclosure Report. 


Our climate change journey so far

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Voting and Engagement at TPT Retirement Solutions

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