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01 Jun

BVCA High Growth 2016

Wednesday 01 June | London, Hilton Park Lane
This one day event will allow you to discover the secrets to strong sustainable growth and explore the year's best high growth success stories with inspiring keynote speakers, a highly interactive panel and roundtable sessions.

The Pensions Trust will host an exclusive and intimate roundtable breakfast discussion along the theme: 'The impact of defined benefits legacy schemes on private equity investing.'

When defined benefits (DB) pensions are part of your portfolio or being considered as part of an acquisition project, schemes are often overlooked as an opportunity to improve an organisation’s value and considered instead an uncertain concern. This roundtable challenges the status quo, questions if your scheme’s strategy reflects your aims and goals, and considers if you are spending time and money that you don’t need to.

We would be delighted if you could join along with other professionals in private equity and from portfolio companies with different experiences and ideas to discuss this challenge.

Breakfast will commence at 8:00 am and finish by 9:30 am.

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