The Pensions Trust Backs BP Climate Change Resolution

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On 16 April 2015,  Jennifer Anderson, Responsible Investment Officer at The Pensions Trust will attend the BP AGM to show our support for the shareholder resolution on climate change resilience.  The resolution calls on BP to include more information in its corporate and annual report on a number of items which will help investors to assess how the company is strategically planning to ensure its business is resilient in a range of climate change scenarios. Jennifer will be attending alongside eleven other institutional investors, including AXA Investment Managers, US pension fund Calpers and UK pension funds, RPMI Railpen and LAPFF.  

The Pensions Trust received a number of emails from its beneficiaries asking us to vote YES to the resolution and we were therefore pleased to be able to pre-declare our intention to vote in favour ahead of the AGM.  The  shareholder resolution asks that BP includes information such as operational emissions management; asset portfolio resilience and key performance indicators used to remunerate its executives.

The Pensions Trust is committed to engagement with companies on the topic of climate change to ensure that related long-term physical and financial risks are being addressed by the companies that we own in our investment portfolios.  If you would like more information on how the Trust manages climate change risk in investments this is set out in more detail in our climate change policy.

Follow this link for more information on how major international investors are backing BP’s climate change resolution:
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