Employers: help us reduce your DB scheme’s PPF levy

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Help us reduce your pension scheme's Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy by checking what information Experian holds about your organisation.

If you have a defined benefit pension scheme, paying a lower PPF levy means that there is more money available in your pension scheme to pay members' retirement benefits.

What is PPF?

The PPF exists to pay compensation to members if their employer becomes insolvent and their defined benefit pension scheme doesn't have enough money to pay their benefits. The PPF is paid for by levies charged to pension schemes that are eligible to benefit from it.

The levy calculation takes into account the risk of scheme failure and also how much compensation the PPF might have to pay out if a pension scheme fails. To assess the risk, the PPF is working with Experian, an insolvency risk services provider, that collates information from Companies House and the Charity Commissions to allocate a 'Pension Protection Score' to all affected employers.

How you can help

You can help by logging into Experian's web portal to check that the financial information held about your organisation is correct. The web portal can be accessed by using the following link and there is a 'Quick Start User Guide' here to help you log in:


When logging in, you will need:

  • your work email address
  • your organisation's company or charity number
  • the Pension Scheme Registration (PSR) number

Click here for the PSR for your pension scheme.

Once logged in, you will be able to see your organisation's 'Pension Protection Score' (PPS). The PPS will determine which 'levy band' your organisation is in. The highest possible levy band is 1 and the lowest is 10. If your organisation is in a low levy band, we recommend that you review the financial information contained on the portal and contact Experian if you believe any information is missing, incorrect or out of date.

Should you have any queries about the Experian web portal, please contact the Scheme Management team at The Pensions Trust.

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