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Pension Scheme for the Education Sector (PSES)

TPT’s Pension Scheme for the Education Sector (defined benefit) is open to schools, colleges and other educational institutes, and is open to academic and non-academic staff.

As a pension scheme provided by TPT Retirement Solutions, one of the leading workplace pension funds in the UK, we have security in strength and size and have a long-term record of investment. The PSES scheme was established with effect from the 1 October 2019.

TPT has a history of providing pensions for more than 5,000 employees under the Independent Schools’ Pension Scheme (ISPS) and over 150 schools and 20,000 members within other TPT schemes.

There are ​two structures in the Scheme, namely: defined benefits (DB) and defined contributions (DC).

Find out more about the scheme by downloading the ‘Member benefits’ document below under 'Useful documents'.

The scheme is open for employer applications and membership​.

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Pension Projection Calculator

Visit our Pension Projection Calculator, complete the required fields and the calculator will display the figures for your pension projection. 
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New to Retirement?

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Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster

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How Do Pensions Work?

How Do Pensions Work?

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Scheme FAQs

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To contact the PSES DB Member team at TPT please click below.
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Scheme Resources

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TPT monitors the scheme's investment performance on behalf of members. Find out more about our recent investment performance and strategy.