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SVSPS Employer Consultative Group

Established in April 2011, the Employer Consultative Group (ECG) was set up to involve participating employers in the operation and future running of the Scheme after the SVSPS Pensions Committee disbanded.

The ECG has three main functions: Scheme Funding, Investment Strategy and communicating with employers.

The ECG includes seven members nominated and elected by participating employers. In addition to the elected members, the ECG has the power to co-opt up to three additional members to fill skills gaps. Co-opted members do not have voting rights.

Tim Hencher (Chair) Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Beverly Malcolm
  North Edinburgh Childcare

Angus Johnson  Clapham Park Project

Charles Younger
Co-opted - Investment Director, Rathbones

Claire Locker
 The Family Fund

Jan James
 Tros Gynnal

Gordon Edwards
 Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations

Steve Still 
​Harmeny School

Representatives from TPT Retirement Solutions at ECG meetings vary according to the business to be discussed, and may include:

David Lane
  Chief Finance Officer

Glenn Austen
 Trustee Services Manager

Rachel Holmes  Senior Scheme Manager

Tarnjeet Bhachu
  Covenant Manager

Adam Gregory
 Investment Officer

Jacki Johnston
 Secretary to the ECG

ECG meetings may also be attended by third parties such as the Scheme Actuary, investment advisers, etc.

Meetings of the ECG are held in Edinburgh or Leeds at least twice a year, depending upon the volume of the subject matter arising for consultation.