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What to do if I am too ill to work?

If there is medical evidence that you are unable to work again in any capacity then your pension may be paid immediately, no matter how old you are.

If you sign into DB Online (if you are a member of a Defined Benefit scheme) / Retirement Savings Account (if you are a member of a Defined Contribution scheme) you will be able to request information on your eligibility for ill health early retirement. If you do not use DB Online or Retirement Savings Account you can contact us directly. 

Defined Benefit Scheme Members

If your application is approved there will be no reduction applied to your pension benefits for early payment and you still have the option to take a tax-free lump sum.

If your application for ill health early retirement is approved we may need to periodically request updated medical evidence to ensure that you are still able to receive this benefit. If your circumstances change we could reduce or suspend your pension.

If you wish to see how your pension would be calculated if you retired on ill health you may wish to look at your member guide.  

Serious Ill Health (Life expectancy less than 12 months) - If your life expectancy is less than 12 months you could take your benefits as a one off payment which is tax free. We would need evidence from a medical professional to confirm your life expectancy. 

Defined Contribution Scheme Members

If your application is approved the current fund value would be paid to you no matter how old you are.

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