Jonathan Wheeler - photo

Jonathan Wheeler

Employer Nominated Director

Jonathan has enjoyed a career spanning the private, public and voluntary sectors. He is a graduate of Leicester University and the Royal College of Defence  Studies, as well as the College of Estate Management. Initially employed following University as a Departmental Manager with Marks and Spencer Plc, this was followed by a 25 year career with Royal Air Force as an Administration Branch Officer, where his responsibilities, amongst others, included pay, pensions and personnel management. 

Retiring as a Group Captain, he led the Royal Air Force's recruiting function and commanded its Infrastructure Organisation at times of significant challenge and change. He also served in the Ministry of Defence on the personal staff of both the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff and the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff. He then spent 9 years as Bursar and Clerk to the Governors at a leading Midlands Independent school, where pay and pensions was a key responsibility. During this time he was elected to the Committee of the Independent Schools' Pension Scheme. He has a developed interest in people and leadership, with significant financial, governance and strategic experience. 

He is currently self-employed with a portfolio of remunerated and voluntary activity, which includes amongst other, the Dixie Grammar School, Southwell Minister and the Windsor Leadership Trust. He has also been a Samaritan. He has extensive experience of board level engagement serving on the Board of a Social Housing Association for some 12 years. More recently he has been elected to the Council of the Forces' Pensions Society, where he also sits on the Strategic and Finance Committee. He was elected as an Employer Nominated Director of TPT Retirement Solutions in October 2014 and in October 2016 was further ​nominated by his fellow directors as the Senior ​Nominated Director.