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Funding your scheme

TPT provides an integrated risk management approach and has the purchasing power to negotiate competitive fees, with access to a wide range of assets and a dynamic de-risking framework - all tailored to your scheme.

Within recent years, the regulation around funding Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes has increased significantly, with an expectation that schemes now adopt an integrated risk management approach. This places increased burdens and costs on DB schemes, which is only likely to increase over time. TPT Retirement Solutions can reduce this burden. In addition, we can help reduce scheme running costs, which when combined with appropriate risk management, may reduce the deficit payment period.

Integrated risk management

TPT has developed an integrated risk management framework to help manage schemes, which in turn, helps employers understand scheme-related risks. This framework looks at the strength of the employer, funding risks and the Scheme's investment strategy to get an overall picture of the risks facing the Scheme. This aids employers in managing the Scheme and avoid any surprises in cost.

Our investment strategy

When it comes to investments, our award-winning Investment Team will work with you to develop a scheme specific investment strategy, which includes Liability Driven Investment (LDI) as standard to reduce the Scheme's exposure to interest and inflation rate risk.

Asset allocation is tailored for each scheme. We take into account the risk appetite of the employer, the liability profile and the covenant strength. The scale of our assets under management (£14.1 billion of assets under management as at 30 September 2021) means that we have the purchasing power to negotiate very competitive fees, and provide access to a wide range of assets and a dynamic de-risking framework. The team has a wealth of experience in establishing, monitoring and governing award-winning strategies. Find out more about why we invest the way we do

Benefits of working with TPT

We work hard to ensure that the Schemes we manage have lower risks, avoid funding cost surprises and provide the bespoke support to our employers. By having in-house teams with expertise in a wide variety of areas, such as trusteeship, actuarial, member communications and investment services, we can provide a streamlined and consolidated solution for your scheme.

To find out how our comprehensive, full-service solution can help you and your business, then contact us today.