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Help guides for employers

Contributions and DC Enrolments

Here you can find all the resources to help you with Contributions and DC Enrolments for TPT's online systems.

Helpful resources for employers

Enrolling new joiners - Defined Contribution schemes

The below guides contain everything needed to enrol new starters into your Defined Contribution (DC) scheme

  • Uploading new joiners (Detailed guide) Download
  • Uploading new joiners (Quick guide) Download

Online access for your employees - Defined Contribution schemes

All the materials you need to provide online access for your employees for your Defined Contribution (DC) scheme

  • HR Data File Upload Checklist Download
  • Example HR Data File for New Joiners Download

eBusiness helpful resources for employers

Monthly contribution submission information

All the documents and forms you need to help you submit your monthly contributions

  • Covid-19 - Employer Guidance Regarding Data Submissions Download
  • Covid-19 - Employer Guidance Regarding Arrangements for Pension Scheme Contributions Download
  • Monthly Contributions Submissions Validation Queries Download
  • Payment Policy - Late payment of contributions Download
  • Contributions File Upload Checklist Download
  • Contributions File Template Download
  • Contributions File Guidance Notes Download