Cash-flow driven investing

04 Apr 2018

With cash-flow investing rising in prominence Cliff Speed, Chief Investment Officer at TPT participated in a recent Portfolio Institutional roundtable on the topic.

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From 1 December 2017, the Scottish Housing Associations’ Pension Scheme (SHAPS) now operates with a new governance structure.
There have been recent changes to the governance of SHPS and we wanted to explain this in more detail and what it means for the scheme’s valuation timetable.
Recent research carried out by Hymans Robertson assessed Master trusts over three phases involving growth, consolidation and pre-retirement.
TPT has announced the appointment of Redington as its independent investment consultant to its DB and DC pension schemes.
Rob Lawrence, TPT Retirement Solutions' Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance, won the Best In-House Lawyer Award at the Yorkshire Lawyer Awards 2017 on 12 October.
The SHAPS Employer Annual Review is now available.
The latest update from SHAPS regarding the Annual Funding Statement report.
The latest accounting update from SHAPS.
The government will legislate to ban cold calling on pensions, including texts and emails, to try to reduce the number of scams which see members cheated out of their pension savings.
Have you registered for BenPal? Find out how in our latest article.
Take a look at the latest SHPS DC Annual review 2015/16.
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