Investment performance update (SHAPS DC) - July 2016

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A number of employers offer the defined contribution (DC) section of the Scheme to their members. The table below outlines the performance of the default investment option, Target Date Funds (TDF) which is monitored by The Pensions Trust. 


Quarter ended
31 March 2016

12 months ended
31 March 2016

Since inception
28 Feb 2013

Returns: TDF 2014-16



4.29% p.a.

Returns: TDF 2026-28



6.24% p.a.

Returns: TDF 2035-37



6.47% p.a.

Returns: TDF 2044-46



6.22% p.a.

You can view more information on the performance of the Target Date Fund or the self-select funds here.

Members can also download the SHAPS DC member guide for more information on the SHAPS DC scheme here.  

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