TPT Retirement Solutions launches 'Ask the Trustees'

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TPT Retirement Solutions, one of the leading workplace pension schemes in the UK, has launched a new service to answer its employers’ and members’ questions at any time of the year. The new ‘Ask the Trustees’ service is available through the website and will give employers and members a channel to ask the Trustee Board directly about any enquiries they have. 

Questions could range from asking about how TPT is run, to learning more about the Trust’s investment strategy, or the role of the Trustee Board. The Trust’s Board of Directors will answer the questions, providing transparency and clarity about how the Trust is run and what the Trustees are doing.

The Trustees are the top level of governance at TPT, and the Board is made up of an equal number of representatives chosen from employers and members. They are responsible for all aspects of running the company’s schemes and are keen to explain more about their work and feel the best way to do this is by directly engaging with members and employers.

Sarah Smart, Chair of the Trustee Board at TPT said: “Following our recent addition to The Pensions Regulator’s Master Trust Assurance Framework list, we are committed to encouraging our employers and members to engage with us and get more involved in their pension scheme. We have always been open to questions but there was no formalised channel for people to reach us. This service gives people a way to communicate directly with the Trustees and to encourage a more two-way dialogue. As a company, we want to ensure that we don’t have a one-sided conversation; it is just as important to listen to our employers and members as talk to them, and the ‘Ask the Trustees’ service will ensure engagement on both sides.”

The ‘Ask the Trustees’ service works by providing TPT with your question and when the question has been answered, employers or members will receive a confirmation email and will find their response on either the Employer or Member Forum. The service is live on The Pensions Trust’s website, and is available for employers and members to ask their questions.

For further information, please contact: Sally Walton or Vanessa Chance at Redleaf, Tel: 0207 382 4747 or ThePensionsTrust@RedleafPR.Com

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