Employer Committee update (SHAPS) - March 2017

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The Employer Committee acts as the representative body for all SHAPS employers and as the conduit for the employers' views when consulted by the Trustee (Verity Trustees Limited) or by the Scheme Committee.

The Committee's responsibilities, for which it is accountable to SHAPS employers, include: 

  • consultation with the Scheme Committee on matters relating to Scheme funding. The Employer Committee is the Employers’ Representative for this purpose, which will include consultation on: 

    -  Valuation of the Scheme’s liabilities
    -  The Scheme’s Statement of Funding Principles
    -  Schedule of Contributions
    -  Recovery Plan
  • consultation with the Trustee or the Scheme Committee as the Employers’ Representative regarding the Scheme’s investment strategy;
  • monitoring whether the investment principles and performance of the Trustee fully meet the objectives and requirements of the SHAPS;
  • receiving reports in respect of the defined benefit investment performance and strategy, and TPT’s administration performance;
  • oversight of the investment and administration performance of TPT as the provider of the defined contribution benefit options;
  • agreement of the employer communications to be issued on behalf of the Committee;
  • approval of changes to benefit structures, subject to actuarial advice, and agree them with the Trustee;
  • approval of amendments to the Scheme Document on behalf of the SHAPS employers;
  • agreement with the Trustee of any discretionary increases to pensions in payment and deferred pensions;
  • periodic review and agreement with TPT as appropriate the terms of the Service Catalogue and commission independent value for money reviews, as and when required; and
  • receiving the SHAPS accounts. 

The members of the Employer Committee are: 

Ron Watson, ARK Housing Association (Chair);
Nigel Hicks, Manor Estates Housing Association (Deputy Chair);
Joe McBride, Williamsburgh Housing Association;
John Flynn, Ore Valley Housing Association;
Kirsty Dunlop, Yoker Housing Association;
Robert McDougall, Horizon Housing Association; and
Tom Jessop, Atrium Homes.

During 2018, the Committee will review the Service Catalogue which sets out the services provided to employers and members, both within the costs allocated to the SHAPS and any services which may be provided at an extra cost to an employer (or member). We will keep you informed on progress throughout the year. 

Preparation for the 2018 valuation will start towards the end of 2018 and we anticipate holding Employer Forums during the week starting 17 September 2018. Dates will be announced soon.

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