Accounting changes update (SHAPS) – October 2018

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(SHAPS) This update provides further details about an important email you will receive shortly. 

On 30 October, your organisation will receive an email from TPT’s electronic signature provider, DocuSign. The email will contain a link to the DocuSign portal which contains the following three documents for your consideration and/or completion: 

1 - Engagement terms. This is the formal engagement terms for TPT to provide your organisation with the DB accounting numbers for year-ends from 31 March 2019. You will need to insert your registered office and sign the document electronically. 

2 - Fees schedule. The engagement terms (above) refer to a fees schedule to be provided annually. The schedule for the first year is attached for information only - you do not have to complete or sign this document. The charges contained within the schedule align with the choices your organisation made on the online form issued by TPT in July. If you did not complete that online form then we have assumed the basic level of service (Annual Access rather than Extended Solution and no Indicative Impact report). If you would like to amend the services please contact

3 - User set-up form. A form asking you to identify who you would like to grant access to the DB accounting modeller once it goes live. A minimum of one entry is required.

 Please note: 

- The points where you need to take action will be clearly shown within DocuSign. 

- You will need to insert the registered office, sign the engagement terms and provide at least one user on the user set-up form before you are able to submit. 

- For security reasons, the link in this email expires after 48 hours. At this point, you will be sent a reminder and a new link. If you click to review the documents once this link has expired, you will be directed to an intermediary page where you can generate a new live link.  If you have not completed within 14 days, you will receive a further reminder email.

 - You are the only person in your organisation to receive this email. If you would like someone else to sign the documents, please click ‘review documents’ at the top of this email and then select ‘Assign to Someone Else’ under the ‘Other Actions’ drop down at the top right to input their contact details. 

If you have any questions or queries about the changes, please contact in the first instance.

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