TPT supports launch of climate change guide

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TPT supports launch of climate change guide

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) has launched a guide to help trustees and financial organisations consider climate-related risks and opportunities in their governance processes.

Co-authored by TPT’s Investment Manager and IIGCC board member, Jennifer Anderson, the guide provides questions and answers, best practice examples and resources to embed climate change in investment decision making, from forming investment beliefs to incorporating the risks and opportunities in investment strategy and asset allocation decisions.

Addressing attendees at the launch, during Green GB Week on Wednesday 17 October, Jennifer said:

 We’ve reached the point at which both the science and the policy requires more urgent action from trustees to understand how climate change will impact their scheme’s assets and liabilities. That is not a straightforward exercise, but acting on climate change is about the opportunities this brings for pension funds as much as it is a regulatory requirement.
TPT has been actively considering climate change as both an investment risk and an opportunity.  You can see more about our activities on our Responsible Investment page.

To download the guide please click the banner below:

TPT supports launch of climate change guide


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