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Jonathan Cawthra - photo

Jonathan Cawthra

Employer Nominated Director

Until his recent retirement, Jonathan was Director of HR & Corporate Services and a member of the Executive Committee of Clarion Housing Group, which is the largest housing association in England and has a turnover of almost £850 million. Jonathan had been a director of Clarion, and its pre-merger predecessor organisations, since 2006.

During his time with Clarion, it grew from an organisation with 900 staff to one with over 4,000 people, and its housing stock grew from around 25,000 to over 125,000. His role included responsibility for pensions strategy, which has meant developing a relationship with TPT from 2003 to the present day, initially with SHPS but more recently with the standalone Clarion Housing Group Pension Scheme. Jonathan joined the Investment Committee and the Remuneration & Appointments Committee in October 2019.