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Welcome to our dedicated member area. Here you can access your pension and other information about your TPT Defined Contribution (DC) or Defined Benefit (DB) pension.

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Member sign in

If you’re a member of one of our combined hybrid schemes, you’ll need to sign in to each hub separately. 

  • Defined Benefit pension members

    DB Online gives you secure instant access to your account 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Update your personal details, view your scheme record, request quotes and more.  

  • Defined Contribution pension members

    Sign in to your Retirement Savings Account to change your pension contributions, update your beneficiaries, find documents relating to your scheme and more.  

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Your pension explained

Discover the difference between DB and DC pensions, find out why tax relief is more exciting than it sounds, how to spot a pension scam, trace an old pension and what all that jargon really means. 

What it means to be a member

Taking your pension might feel too far away to think about, or you might be making detailed plans as you head towards retirement age. Either way, you’re in the great position of having a pension and saving for a better future. As a TPT pension scheme member, you can have peace of mind that your pension is in the hands of experts who are on a mission to make pension schemes perform better for everyone. Find out more about us.

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New TPT members

Start your journey by telling us what sort of pension you have. If you’re not sure, your employer will be able to tell you.

  • Defined Benefit

    Discover the benefits of setting up a DB Online account, find your member guide and links to information about what to expect when you retire.  

  • Defined Contribution

    Learn how to setup your Retirement Savings Account, find your member guide and discover our exclusive DC member hub. 

When I can take my pension?

You can usually start to take your pension from the age of 55. You can take it in a variety of ways, depending on the type of pension you have. Click on your scheme type below to see your options. 

  • Defined Benefit

    If you’re wondering when you can start to take your pension and how much it’s likely to be, you’ll find some of the answers here. You can also find out how it’s invested and how the State Pension could factor into your plans. 

  • Defined Contribution

    If retirement is on the horizon, you might have a few questions about how to take your pension. Take a look at our timeline to see what to expect in the 12 months before you start to take your savings. 

Get in touch

Tell us which type of TPT pension you have and we’ll put you in touch with the right team. We’re available from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday on 0113 234 5500. Please have your membership number handy so we can quickly access your records. Alternatively, you might be able to self-serve by logging into your account below.

  • Defined Benefit

    If you have DB Online account, you might be able to save yourself some time by servicing your account online. Sign in to DB Online to:

    • review and update your personal details,
    • submit an enquiry or request a quote,
    • see your benefit statement (if you’re an active member), or
    • see your payslip (if you’re receiving your pension).
  • Defined Contribution

    If you have a DC Retirement Saving Account, you might be able to save yourself some time by servicing your account online. Login to your Retirement Savings Account to:   

    • review and update your personal details,
    • check or change the amount you’re paying in to your pension,
    • see how your savings are invested, or
    • see how much your savings might be worth at retirement.
  • Have both types or not sure?

    If you have both types of pension, you might be able to service your accounts online without having to contact us. Alternatively, if you’re not sure what type of account you have, we're here to help.  

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Scheme information

Find your member guide and other information about your workplace pension scheme, including downloadable forms and useful links. 

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