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TPT’s DB Connect enables the trustee(s) of Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes to take advantage of the benefits of consolidation without needing to change the Trustee Board.

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Simplifying scheme management

As a pension scheme trustee, you understand the challenges that come with managing Defined Benefit (DB) schemes. From increasing regulation to complex fund management, these responsibilities can be time-consuming and demanding. It is important to work with a pension provider that has expertise in making pension scheme management more efficient. TPT's DB Connect is designed to help trustees effectively manage DB schemes while ensuring optimal outcomes.

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TPT's DB Connect solution

Why DB Connect?

TPT is a leading DB consolidator and one of the UK’s premier workplace pension providers. We have been managing pension schemes for over 75 years, as one of the largest DB Master Trusts open to new business in the UK, our DB assets under management currently stand at c.£6.5 billion.

Our mission is to make pension schemes perform better for everyone. To achieve our mission, we know we must continually evolve and innovate to meet the ever-changing needs of our members and clients. The introduction of DB Connect epitomises this philosophy as we wanted to provide a genuine consolidation model for pension schemes.

DB Connect was introduced as a result of identifying the need for a consolidation solution for schemes where the trustee(s) want to remain in place. Through integrating the service proposition there is a smoother data flow between administration, actuarial and investment functions which ultimately leads to time saved and lower running costs.

  • The key features of DB Connect

    Appointment of TPT as service provider, whilst scheme trustee board and legal structure remain in place;

    Integrated service provision with fiduciary management, actuarial and administration at its core;

    Strategic partnership through a single point of contact across all services;

    High-quality member service, with online account (DB Online) access included;

    Streamlined scheme management;

    Sophisticated funding and risk management tools to support endgame goals;

    Fiduciary management with bespoke investment strategies tailored to your objectives.

  • The key benefits of DB Connect

    Creation of a more efficient and streamlined scheme, making it easier for trustee(s) to manage;

    Greater accountability in service provision;

    Full fiduciary management implementing a sophisticated
    investment strategy that is operationally simplified;

    Significantly reduced running costs and less time spent on
    managing multiple advisers;

    Trustees remain in control of the strategic direction of the
    scheme, with support from TPT as required;

    Flexible approach in helping schemes on their journey to

Fiduciary management

TPT offers professional trustees a sophisticated fiduciary management solution that combines expertise and a focus on your DB schemes needs.

With our robust risk management standards and access to investment opportunities through TPT's scale, we can tailor an investment strategy to your scheme's risk appetite and target outcomes. 

Trust us to provide the support needed to establish and implement your endgame objectives seamlessly.

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Why choose TPT?

Our mission is to make pension schemes perform better for everyone, from trustees and employers to the members who have pension savings with us.

We're pension specialists

Pensions are all that we do. We understand them and have learned, over many years, what it takes to manage them effectively. Our teams know pensions inside and out, so you and your members don't have to, and we've invested time and money into developing the best possible systems and processes. 

We're owned by a pension fund

We're owned by a pension fund, which gives us a thorough understanding of the pensions landscape and its complex regulations. 

We keep things simple

TPT have the experience of working with traditional final salary schemes, through to more complicated arrangements. Our teams have the experience and confidence to understand your scheme and work with you to make it perform better for everyone. You'll always have an input into the running of your scheme, and we'll keep our discussions as clear and simple as you need them to be. With both DB Connect and DB Complete, your investment strategy will be aligned with an appropriate and flexible long-term target.  

We're responsible investors

We provide cost-efficient investments for our employers and members, using an approach that's supported by market-leading investment strategies and a long-standing commitment to responsible investing.

It's not only the right way to work, but also an essential part of recognising financial risks and opportunities. We implement environmental, social and governance policies to secure the best outcomes, and actively engage in industry initiatives to help make a difference. 

We're future focused

We manage pension schemes based on knowledge and insight, so that they can achieve better outcomes now and in the future. For the things we can't always predict, like market turbulence or new legislation, we have a long track record of adapting and innovating. It's what makes us one of today's leading pension providers and helps us to futureproof your pension scheme. 

We are specialists in consolidation – we are not distracted by the delivery of anything else.

David Lane

Chief Executive, TPT Retirement Solutions

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