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Defined Contribution members

It’s easy to ignore your pension for years, dust it off when you need it, only to realise its value isn’t as much as you expected. But a quick check every now and again could help make sure your pension savings are on track. So we’ve created a resource hub exclusively for DC members like you, to support you with your retirement plans.

What’s in the resource hub?

The DC resource hub is packed with tools and information about how to Save, Grow, Plan and Spend your savings. Wherever you are on your savings journey, there’s something there for you.  

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Set up your online account

One of the best ways to manage your TPT pension savings is by setting up an online account. Once you’ve activated it, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve saved, manage your contributions, update your personal details and more.  

Find your scheme information

Visit the resource hub to find information about your pension scheme, including your member guide and useful links. 

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The State Pension

The State Pension is a regular income from the government that’s paid when you reach State Pension age, if you’re eligible.   
The maximum you can get is currently around £10,000 a year (as of 6 April 2023), which is below the minimum Retirement Living Standard suggested by the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association, so it’s worth saving into a workplace pension to supplement your income in later life. 

Contact TPT

If you currently pay into a TPT DC pension scheme, or have done in the past, you can use our ‘Contact TPT’ service to get in touch with us.  

  • Get in touch

    Use this section to tell us about yourself (or the member concerned if you’re acting on their behalf), request a call back, or ask us a question providing supporting documents or photos if required. 

  • Passwords and activations

    Use this section to activate your Retirement Savings Account or reset your password.  

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