Do I have to provide a survivor's pension? (DB Schemes)


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Most of our Defined Benefit schemes provide a survivor’s pension should you die, but you should have a look at your Scheme’s Member Guide for full details.

If you do not wish to provide for a full survivor’s pension when your pension starts, you may have the option of retaining the right to nominate someone in the future or take an increased pension for yourself (enhancement). Details of any enhancement option will be quoted with your retirement benefits, if this option is available under your scheme.

Please note that not all schemes administered by TPT Retirement Solutions provide this option. If you were in the scheme before 6 April 2016, you may have been ‘Contracted-out’ of the Additional State Pension. If you were Contracted-out for service before 6 April 1997, there will be a Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) which will be paid to your legal spouse, if you have one.

To keep your nominations up to date please go to your DB Online account or complete and return a Nomination Form