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Important Information About TPT Retirement Solutions and FSCS

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (the FSCS) may be available to members of the Defined Contribution Pension Schemes should financial institutions providing the investments underpinning the Members’ accounts fail and be unable to compensate the Schemes.

How this protection works is complex and often depends on the structure in which the investments are held, for example, some investments are held through insurance structures with insurance policies linked to the underlying investments; so, any claim would be on the collapse of the policy issuers. Other investments are held through vehicles known as unit-linked investment vehicles and the claim process would be different.

TPT holds investments under the Defined Contribution Schemes in a range of investment vehicles and the accessibility to the FSCS along with the level of compensation available from the FSCS will depend on the specific Defined Contribution Scheme of which an individual is a member.