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This page can help you navigate our improved DB Online service.

Whether you regularly log in to DB Online or this is your first time, you may have noticed some changes to our system or have received a letter detailing the changes to your payslip.

We have compiled useful information about DB Online to answer any questions you may have and how you can contact us.

What has changed to DB Online?

Feedback from our members have suggested that we could do more to improve our online services by providing you with a more intuitive way of getting logged in. Not only that, but the new DB Online will act as a one-stop shop for all your pensions upkeep, where you can update your personal information in a secure location and receive your regular payslip online rather than through the post. 

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Having trouble logging in?

All of your information will continue to be found on your account and can be accessed by following these three simple steps:

step 1 - visit
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step 2 - enter
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Step 3 - view
We have compiled some FAQs to provide you with information about our improved service and help you answer any questions you may have. If you don't see your question in our FAQs, then check back periodically as FAQs will be added.


  • What information do I need to login?+-

    If you are new to logging in to DB Online you will need to have to hand your:

    Two letters from TPT, one with your username and the other with your password
    National Insurance number
    Date of Birth

  • I'm an existing member of DB Online, what does this change mean to me?+-

    This change means that you will keep your current account, with the benefit of added features and a more intuitive design. As an existing member, you will keep your current username. We will send you a letter containing a new temporary password. Upon logging in for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password and reaccept the Terms and Conditions. 

  • What happens if I have forgotten my Password?+-

    If you forget your Password, you can reset it by clicking 'Forgotten Password' on the DB login page and following the instructions given.

    I'm an existing DB Online user. I don't understand why you've changed my Password. I was happy with the one I'd set up. 

    Following feedback from members, DB Online has been updated to allow us to introduce new services to the portal. As part of these changes, we have also updated member logins. In the interest of security, we have provided you with a temporary password, which is only known by you. You can choose your own password once you have completed the account set up. This can be the same as your previous password. We have also sent you a reminder of your existing username because you are already on our system.

  • What will happen to my information from DB Online?+-

    Your information on DB Online is safe and secure. We use it for administering your pension only. TPT Retirement Solutions will not sell your data to any third party. Please keep us up-to-date with any changes to your personal circumstances so we can ensure all information held is accurate. 

  • How often will my payslips show up on DB Online?+-

    Your payslips will appear on your DB Online account as often as you normally receive your payslip, depending on your scheme.

  • What do I do if one or both of my login letters doesn't arrive in the post?+-

    You should receive your password letter within a week of receiving your username letter, subject to any postal strikes that may occur. If your password letter has not arrived, then please contact us via email at enquiries@tpt.org.uk and we will reissue your letter.

  • I am a new retiree and I received a letter to login online for my payslip but I can't login.+-

    Please contact us via phone on 0113 234 5500 or email us at enquiries@tpt.org.uk.

  • I am still unable to log in to the DB Online service.+-

    If you have not been able to log in using the information provided in your letters, please contact us by phone on 0113 234 5500 and select option 1 when instructed. 

  • I've logged in, but am unsure about the information I can see.+-

    If you have been able to log in and can see your membership records but have a question about the information displayed, please contact our Pensions Admin Team on 0113 394 2203.

  • I can see my online payslip but have a query about the information or figures it shows.+-

    If you have received your payslip online but have a question about the figures or information it shows, please contact our Pensions Payroll Team on 0113 394 2203.

  • What if I don't want to use the online service?+-

    If you don't want to use the DB Online service and wish to opt out, please write to us quoting your membership number. Once your request is received, it will take up to five working days to update the system. 

    I originally signed up for online payslips but now I want to opt out - what do I do now?

    If you have changed your mind about receiving online payslips and wish to opt out, please write to us quoting your membership number. Once you are successfully opted out, your payslips will continue to be posted to you. Please note that it can take up to five working days upon receipt of your letter for our systems to be updated.