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Defined Benefit - Employers

SHPS DB Accounting

TPT’s online DB accounting tool is available to employers with a defined benefit (DB) obligation in SHPS. The tool provides the necessary information for DB accounting for corporate year-ends from 31 March 2019.

SHPS DB Accounting Tool

To access TPT’s online accounting tool for SHPS DB, please click on link below.

Haven’t signed up for access? Contact us to discuss the signup options by emailing FRS102@tpt.org.uk.

SHPS DB Accounting Disclosures - Key documents

The key documents page contains guidance on how to use the online DB accounting tool, as well as supporting information to explain the disclosures prepared. 

Employers that pay deficit contributions to the Growth Plan

Employers that pay deficit contributions to the Growth Plan should continue to use the FRS102 online tool to account for this scheme, as the accounting method has not changed (based on the present value of deficit contributions).

Financial Assessment

An online questionnaire to assess the financial position of participating employers with a defined benefit liability in SHPS.

Need help?

For questions about SHPS DB accounting:
0113 394 2668

For Growth Plan scheme accounting queries:

0113 394 2754