Meet Sami...

Sami is an intern at TPT, using his time on the IT Service Desk to broaden his general knowledge, develop his workplace skills and decide how he’d like to specialise in the future.

He’ll go back to complete his Computer Science degree in September with, he says, some “eye-opening experience” under his belt.

“The service desk internship caught my eye as it meant I could experience a range of IT needs and issues and broaden my knowledge before committing to a specific field. I’ve been able to improve my knowledge of general IT, along with domain-specific experiences, in a real working environment.”

Alongside his frontline support role, Sami has also spent time working as part of other relevant teams, like TPT’s business insight and data team. His two weeks with the software development team was particularly beneficial in boosting his C# and SQL skills.

Sami Jaber, IT Intern

My manager has been absolutely fantastic in his feedback, support and responses to my work. He made certain that I had opportunities to complete my university work alongside my placement, and continuously checked on my needs and work.

Sami Jaber

IT Intern

While working full-time at TPT, Sami has been completing university assessments and logbooks. He says the support of his line manager, and TPT’s focus on wellbeing and development, has played a key role in his success:

“I expected to be ‘thrown in at the deep end’, but TPT has allowed me to see and work in the ‘deep end’ with gradual introductions and constant training. They took away the worry of being stuck in a situation and not knowing what to do.”

When he completes his degree at the University of Bradford, Sami plans to explore other roles, with the potential to move into second-line support.

“My time with TPT has provided practical experience, skill development, networking opportunities, and insights into the IT industry. I now have a clearer understanding of my aspirations, and the opportunities available in the industry. It’s provided me with credibility and essential soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management and adaptability.”


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