Can I transfer previous pension benefits into my current fund?


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You can only transfer pension benefits if you are actively contributing into one of our Defined Contribution schemes. If you are no longer paying contributions into the scheme or are a paid-up member, you won't be permitted to transfer benefits in.

If you have benefits with another pension provider, you may be able to arrange for them to be transferred so that you have all your pension savings in one place. To do this, we will need some details from you and your previous pension provider.

Transfers of benefits can only be paid into a Defined Contribution scheme. Your employer may need to offer this benefit group to allow a transfer of benefits, so it would be good to make sure this is the case before you start requesting information.

What you need to do:

  • Contact your previous pension provider and request the transfer value of your benefits. You may request this information by completing the 'Transfer In Form' for your scheme to request transfer details and sending it to your previous pension provider. 
  • Once you've received transfer details from your previous pension provider, send the transfer details, any forms that they need to have completed and the completed Transfer In form to us immediately. If your previous pension provider has not provided the all the information we need, we may have to contact them directly to obtain the missing information, which may delay the transfer.
  • Once we've processed this information, we'll confirm what you need to do next if you want the transfer to go ahead.

You should note that we can only provide information and not advice on the options available to you. Should you need advice we recommend that you seek independent financial advice. The choice of an independent financial adviser is yours alone.

TPT Retirement Solutions does not make recommendations about which independent financial adviser you should use, and can accept no responsibility or liability for any advice which they may give. If your previous provider is an overseas arrangement, there are some different requirements we will need to meet. If this is the case, please contact us before you do anything