How do I pay my pension into a different bank account?


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A pension will be paid into the bank account you specified when we commenced payment of your benefits. If you want to change this you will need to let us know. 

If you are a Defined Benefit member and have access to DB Online, you'll be able to log into your account and make the changes online. For security purposes you won’t see your existing bank details displayed on the bank details change screen.

If you don’t have access to DB Online, you can contact us to make the change, either by letter or by telephone. If you choose to call us to make a change, we will ask you some security questions to ensure we are paying your pension into the correct account.

We can pay your pension into any bank or building society account (including international accounts), but we are unable to make pension payments by cheque or in cash. Please note that the account has to be in your name and any written request has to be signed by you. The details we will need are:

For UK accounts:

Account Holder(s)


Sort Code  

Account Number

Building Society Roll Number (if applicable) 

For international payments:

As requirements differ from country to country, it is important to call us if you move abroad or if you reside abroad and wish to make a change to the bank account your pension is paid into. We can then send you a form to complete which will provide us with the necessary information.

Please contact your bank or building society if you're not sure where to find the details you need, and remember to quote your name and Payroll Number in all correspondence as this will help us.