How often do I receive a payslip?


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You will receive a payslip each quarter (6th January, April, July & October), or monthly should your scheme pay in this way. Payslips will normally be uploaded to DB Online for you to collect or received by the date of payment if you have them posted to you. The payslips will show the money that's paid into your account. 

It will also include your name, address, Payroll Number, National Insurance number, the period that the payment is in respect of and the tax code that has been used.

These details should be checked to ensure the information we are using is up to date. If anything needs changing, please sign in to DB Online and easily make the changes, or let us know by contacting our Payroll Department (remembering to quote your Payroll Number).

Should you have any queries regarding your personal tax code, please contact HMRC, quoting your National Insurance number and our tax reference: 120/P42099.

HMRC, Pay As You Earn, BX9 1AS    

Telephone: 0300 200 3300

General information relating to tax issues can also be found on Gov.uk.

Your payslip will detail the gross pension that is due to you, the tax deducted and the net payment. It also shows the taxable pay to date and the tax paid to date in respect of your pension in the current tax year.