What do I do if I am planning to retire?


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If you are old enough, you could take a pension and/or a cash lump sum. The options that your scheme provides on retirement can be found in your member guide.

When you sign into DB Online (if you are a member of a Defined Benefit scheme) or your Retirement Savings Account (if you are a member of a Defined Contribution scheme), you will be able to request a quote of your benefits.

If you can retire, the options open to you will be included in the information that we’ll send to you.

Active scheme members

If you are currently contributing into the scheme and want to retire, you need to let your employer know. They then send us a withdrawal form confirming your date of retirement. When we have received your withdrawal form from your employer, we send you options for your retirement.

Deferred scheme members

When you choose to retire you can contact us with the date you want to retire and we will send options to you.

Defined Contribution members

When you decide you want to retire, please contact us and we will send you details about your benefits. Please note that the process for paying benefits (especially for Active members) is involved and can take time so please give us plenty of notice if at all possible.


You may want to receive financial advice before taking your benefits, but be aware that there may be a charge for the time and expertise which is required. Visit the government's Moneyhelper site to search for financial advisers in your area. 

The choice of an Independent Financial Adviser is yours alone. TPT Retirement Solutions does not make recommendations about which Independent Financial Adviser you should use, and can accept no responsibility or liability for any advice which they may give.

We offer a service where your details can be given to the Mercer Retirement Relationship Managers who can help you. This service is not free and may not necessarily meet your needs, but if you would like details please let us know as soon as possible.