What happens if I die after I have left the scheme? (DB Schemes except SHPS and SHAPS)


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If you die after leaving the scheme but before you start receiving your pension (and before you reach Normal Retirement Age) the benefits payable are:

Lump sum

There may be a refund of your own contributions with interest to the date of death but you will need to look at your scheme’s member guide to confirm exactly what will be paid.

Survivor’s pension

There may be a survivor’s pension payable, which is usually a percentage of your deferred pension at the date you die. You should refer to your scheme’s member guide for details of any survivor’s pension payable, and who may be eligible to receive it. Some schemes also provide children’s pensions details of these can also be found in your member guide.

You should note that the payment of death benefits is at the discretion of the Trustee. To help them understand your wishes it is important that your nominees are kept up to date by updating your details in DB Online or completing and returning a Nomination Form.