What happens to my pension if I have no beneficiaries? (DB Schemes)


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If you die and have no one nominated to receive any death benefits, we will contact the person who informed us of your death requesting information to be sent to us which will allow us to pay any benefits due.

If a lump sum is payable from the scheme, we will ask for a Family Information Form to be completed and returned. A decision will then be made by the Trustee on who will receive this lump sum.

It's important that, where possible, you make a nomination for any lump sum death benefits on your DB Online record, or advise us in writing.

Anyone can be nominated for this benefit and it can be split between one or more people or organisations. If you already receive a pension and there is no one eligible to receive a Survivor’s or Child’s Pension, no further payments will be made. If your next of kin know of anyone who is eligible to receive a benefit following your death, they should contact us as soon as possible, even if we do not have updated nomination details from you.