What if a member leaves the scheme and defers their pension?


  • Employers
  • General

When a member leaves the scheme, we'll write to them and let them know what their benefits are in the scheme. The member may have the option to:

  • leave their benefits in the scheme and become a deferred member.

For Defined Benefit members, the pension remains in the scheme and may increase each year. Further details on the rate of increases can be found in your scheme information. 

For Defined Contribution Scheme members, the employee’s fund will remain invested until we receive further instructions, for example when the member retires.

  • transfer their benefits to another pension arrangement.

This transfer may be to another Occupational Pension Scheme, Personal Pension Plan, Stakeholder arrangement or Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. If the member wants to look into this option, they should ask their new pension provider to write to us.  

  • Take a refund of contributions.