What if I joined the Scheme before 1 October 1997? (SHPS and SHAPS)


  • Members
  • Payments

If you joined the Scheme before 1 October 1997 you had the choice of paying:

  • Full contributions to provide for a full survivor’s pension, or
  • Reduced contributions and not providing for a full survivor’s pension. 

For Reduced Rate members there will only be a statutory pension payable in relation to benefits accrued whilst being contracted out of the Additional State Second Pension before 6 April 2016. This is payable to your legal spouse only.

The reduced contribution rate is a set percentage lower than the full contribution rate. The level of this reduction depends upon the benefit section which you are a member of. 

You may have delayed paying the full contribution rate for a survivor’s pension until later in your membership. If you did this, the pension for your nominated survivor will be calculated from the date on which you started to pay the full rate of contributions. Once you decide to pay the additional contribution, you will not be able to change your decision.

If you have paid the full contribution, you may have the option at retirement not to provide for a survivor’s pension and take an increased pension for yourself. Details of the options available to you will be provided at retirement. These options do not apply to deferred members who left before 6 April 1992.