Who can I contact to complain? (Employers)


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If you have a problem or complaint in connection with the pension scheme or its administration, we would ask that you speak to your regular contact at TPT as soon as possible so we can look to resolve the matter with you. If we are unable to resolve your issue you will need to write to the Head of Employer Relationships at TPT providing details:   

Fran Marsden, Head of Client Relations, TPT Retirement Solutions, Verity House, 6 Canal Wharf, Leeds, LS11 5BQ

Email: fran.marsden@tpt.org.uk

If you feel that the Head of Client Relations has not resolved your problem and you remain dissatisfied, you may follow the formal two-stage complaints procedure.

Stage one

You can write to (making sure your correspondence is headed ‘Formal Complaint’):

Karen Parry, Trustee Services Director, TPT Retirement Solutions, Verity House, 6 Canal Wharf, Leeds, LS11 5BQ   

Email: karen.parry@tpt.org.uk

Please provide your name, employer number and as much detail about the reason for your complaint as possible. A decision should be given to you within two months.

Stage two

If you remain unhappy with the formal resolution of the Trustee Services Director, you have the right to appeal within six months to the Trustee. An appeal must be made in writing and must state the reasons for being dissatisfied with the previous decision. A decision from the Trustee should be given within two months.