Who looks after my pension?


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Occupational pension schemes such as those administered by TPT are set up under a legal structure known as a trust. Each scheme has trustees appointed who are ultimately responsible for looking after their members’ pensions.

Verity Trustees Limited (the “Trustee”) is the trustee appointed to look after your pension. The Trustee currently has nine directors – four nominated by the members, four nominated by the employers, and a professional independent trustee who is co-opted by the other directors and acts as the chair of the trustee board.

The Trustee has no shareholders and is established as a company limited by guarantee. It operates solely for, and is answerable to, the beneficiaries of its pension schemes.

The Trustee employs a number of specialist advisers and service providers to assist it in looking after your pension.

TPT Retirement Solutions Limited (the “Administrator”) carries out the day-to-day administration of your pension scheme on behalf of the Trustee (for example, collecting contributions and paying benefits). The Administrator is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trustee and employs over 200 staff who are dedicated to looking after your pension.

Neither the Trustee nor the Administrator is registered under the Financial Services and Markets Act to give financial advice. Any information that is provided to members or prospective members should therefore be taken to constitute information and not be taken to constitute advice. When providing information to members or prospective members, we take care to provide an accurate service but all decisions and choices which are made remain the responsibility of the individual, for which neither the Trustee nor the Administrator cannot be responsible.