Cliff Speed, Chief Investment Officer

Cliff Speed

Chief Investment Officer

Cliff is CEO of TPT Investment Management. He has many years’ experience as a CIO operating in both pensions and insurance. He is also a qualified actuary with extensive knowledge of investment risk management.

Prior to joining TPT in 2016, Cliff worked at BlackRock where he led the UK Fiduciary offering operating as an outsourced CIO, he was responsible for the investment strategy, design and implementation for many significant UK pension schemes.

Cliff was previously CIO of an insurance company which specialised in the buy-out of Defined Benefit pension liabilities. He has also worked as an investment consultant and played a leading role in introducing risk management techniques, including LDI, to UK pensions schemes from the early 2000's.

Cliff has published numerous papers and has also worked as a university lecturer and in banking.

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