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Making the most of your money is all about keeping an eye on progress and making changes when you need to. Saving for as long as you can gives your money time to grow.

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Grow - Build your pension savings pot
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Are my savings on track?

You might have an idea of the type of lifestyle you would like in retirement, but how do you know if you’re on course to achieve it? You can use our handy pensions saving tool to work out if you’re on track.

You can also use the tool to see the impact of saving more or changing the date you plan to retire, so if you’re not on track it’s easy to see what changes you could make to you achieve your goals.

Can I make changes to my contributions?

Of course! If you want to adjust the amount you contribute to your pension each month, you can do this in your online account.

To check how your pension is doing and make changes, click below:

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How can I learn more about investments?

If you want to find out more about how pensions, investments and retirement work, our Pensions Learning Hub is for you!

Our Pensions Learning Hub contains a mixture of video guides and live online seminars, designed to guide you through your pension journey – from the start of your career until retirement.

What if I want more help?

Do you feel like you want more help understanding your pensions, or assistance with working out how much you need to save for the future? If this sounds like you, you might benefit from financial guidance, or even an appointment with a financial adviser. For more information on financial guidance and financial advice, including what the differences are and how you can access them, click here.

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