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Trustee Board

We provide a full corporate trustee service. The Trustee Board is responsible for all aspects of running an occupational pension scheme such as administration, investment and governance, acting in the best interests of scheme beneficiaries.

Sub Committees of the Trustee Board include:

  • The Investment Committee+-

    The Investment Committee oversees the satisfactory investment of funds and decides all matters relating to investments and the review/monitoring of fund investment managers, and other investment services.
  • The Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee+-

    The Committee addresses such matters as internal audit, internal controls, compliance, the annual audit and the annual accounts.
  • The Appeals & Discretions Committee+-

    This Committee determines appeals to the Trustee at the second stage of the Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure and considers discretionary benefit payments.
  • Remuneration & Appointments Committee+-

    The Committee approves the total remuneration strategy for all Board and Committee members and TPT employees.

  • Funding Committee+-

    The Committee makes scheme specific funding and investment decisions for TPT’s defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, and oversees the valuation process for all of TPT’s DB pension schemes.

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